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The Firebird Saxophones founder.

Ken Caviasca
CEO and Founder of Firebird Saxophones:

Ken has an Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Masters in Business Adminatration along with over 25 years of experience in international engineering development and business.

Ken has been playing, repairing, and retailing saxophones and accessories for over 40 years. His passion for saxophones and engineering science drove him to establish a deep understand of the complexity and physical properties which allow each player and saxophone model to generate unique tone characteristics. After years of playing and working with hundreds of saxophones and dozens of various models he developed the Firebird Saxophone Brand. The Firebird offerings were perfected with feedback from international recording artists, national pros, local professionals, university professors, repair shops, retailers and instructors. The end result is a saxophone brand with solid ergonomics and a full spectrum of tone choices. Try a Firebird Saxophone. You are sure to find the tone and feel you desire, from the rich core sounding Classic, the round power of the Pro Flex, and the fat rich beauty of the Pro V.

Firebird Saxophones: "Rise above and find YOUR Tone"
Firebird Saxophones 
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