报告题目:机器学习在模型预测控制中的应用与挑战报告人:吴喆 新加坡国立大学化工与生物分子工程系 助理教授报告时间:2023年2月27日星期一13:30-14:30报告地点:94ky开元官网C317报告摘要:机器学习与控制科学的交叉研究给传统控制算法带来了许多新的机遇。传统的模型预测控制(MPC)是一种基于在线求解优化问题的先进控制方案,在各个领域如化工、无人机等系统中得到广泛应用。早期的MPC是基于线性模型进行预测,通过求解....
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报告题目1:A new overview of regional risk and resilience analysis报告时间:2023年2月9日星期四 18:00报告题目2:Writing, Submission and Publication of Scientific Papers报告时间:2022年2月9日星期四 19:00报告人:Professor Paolo Gardoni线上 腾讯会议:461-120-775邀请人:赵顺毅A new overview of regional risk and resilience analysisPaolo GardoniAlfredo H. Ang Family ProfessorDepartment of Civil and E...
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报告题目1:Discussion on Some Topic in Control Theory报告时间:2023年2月9日星期四 22:00报告人:Professor Yuriy S. Shmaliy, IEEE Fellow, Prof. Shi Peng, IEEE Fellow, Prof. Pedro Albertos,Prof. Paolo Gardoni线上 腾讯会议:461-120-775邀请人:赵顺毅报告人简介:Yuriy S. Shmaliy received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in 1974, 1976 and 1982, respectively, from the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Ukr...
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2022年12月12日 “系统辨识与控制”高端学术论坛
“系统辨识与控制”高端学术论坛(第2期)报告题目1:Teleoperation of Swarm Robotics报告时间:2022年12月12日星期一 13:00报告题目2:Writing, Submission and Publication of Scientific Papers报告时间:2022年12月12日星期一 14:00报告人:Professor Yang Shi, 加拿大工程研究院院士报告地点:94ky开元官网C317线上 腾讯会议:426-323-402邀请人:丁锋报告1简介:In this talk, recent results on teleoperatio...
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Topic (报告题目): Kalman Filtering and Optimal Sensor Motion in Bearings-Only TrackingReporter (报告人):Professor Kutluyil Dogancay, 南澳大学Times (时间):Friday, November 11, 1:30pm-2:30pmVooV Meeting ID (腾讯会议): 139-291-184 or https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/2CVl2UcLpwtH报告简介:This short talk is devoted to discuss Kalman Filtering and Optimal Sensor Motion in Bearings-Only Tracking. T...
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报告题目:Operations Management Models for Cloud Computing报告人:董昶 助理教授时间:2022年8月9日星期二16:00 -17:00直播平台及会议ID:腾讯会议 375-174-704报告摘要:This short talk is devoted to discuss several operations management models with potential applications in cloud computing. A number of topics will be covered, including demand forecasting and resource management.报告人简介:Dr. Chang ...
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报告题目一:Joint Power Allocation for Remote State Estimation With SWIPT报告人:Ling Shi报告时间:2022年6月17日星期五 15:00-16:00直播平台及会议ID:腾讯会议 254-598-022报告简介:We consider remote state estimation with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT). A remote estimator receives the state estimate transmitted by a sensor and sends an acknowledgment (ACK) signal to...
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报告题目:Novel Coil Array Design and Modeling for Magnetic Microrobot报告人:Xinyu Liu时间:2022.6.11? ?8:30 -17:30地点:School of Internet of things Engineering D206报告摘要:The independent control of microrobot swarms is a major challenge in the field of micro/nano manipulation. In this talk, I will present our research on a new localized magnetic field generating system that can be used fo...
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报告题目1:A Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control Framework for Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Varying Delays and Input Constraints报告时间:2022年6月8日星期三 13:00报告题目2:Writing and Submission of Scientific Papers报告时间:2022年6月8日星期三 14:30报告人:Yang Shi报告地点:94ky开元官网C317,线上:腾讯会议:696-768-120报告1简介:In the past two decades, much research...
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报告题目:Ionic Hydrogel-Based Sensors for Soft Robotics报告人:Xinyu Liu报告时间:2022年1月21日,8:30-17:30报告地点:物联网D206报告摘要:Recently, hydrogels have been intensively studied to develop stretchable electronics for wearables and soft robots. In this talk, I will present our research on developing novel ionic hydrogel-based sensors for wearable sensing and soft robotics. The research...
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